Some say that seeing is believing. We completely agree with that statement. Reading dozens of pages containing customers' praises and opinions is not enough, when we cannot see any effects of company plans realization. We don't have anything to hide from our customers! You can browse through our Picture and see our subcontractors working efficiently in order to complete the project and to show our next customers that we are reliable and completely trustworthy. Over the years we have developed our services quality to become the best company we can be, and we want our subcontractors to work in the same manner.

Roofing services - Flat and sloppy roofs

This section may become very useful when it comes to the case when we need to find a Professional who will build a Flat or sloppy roof.

Electric installations

In every newly built house there is a necessity to implement electric installation as fast as it is possible in order to grant better working conditions for subcontractors and for household members as well.


Our subcontractors will build entirely new central heating installation in your house, public institutions and offices, they will install solar panels and can weld.

Construction engineers

Steel, wooden constructions - creating them is not a problem for us.


A beautiful building must be also decorated with marvelous elevation.

Bricklaying works

How is a house created? Obviously - from bricks! Brick after brick, a plan becomes to look like a physical object.

Finishing works

After the construction process, it comes a moment, when you need to finish interior and exterior part of a building.

Solar panels

Modern households are in many cases supplied with electricity by using solar panels, which transfer solar beams into pure electric energy.

Industrial painting

Internal and external painting will make it possible to make your house or Office look fresh and stylish.


You have dreamed about beautiful pavement surrounding the house or Office?

Other works

We will find any subcontractor you need on request.

About us

o nas

We are in possession of enormously huge database of Polish service companies, plumbers, electricians, engineers and bricklayers who will take care of your construction plans and Projects. We can also guarantee hiring engineer teams that will finish the whole construction. They are greatly educated and are able to introduce some necessary amendments, which will lead to superb safety and comfortable conditions in your building.

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Why we?

dlaczego my?

What makes us so special? That question is worth more than one hundred points, or better - one hundred reasons why. Firstly, our searching scope. We hire the best construction subcontractors possible, like plumber, bricklayer, electrician, roofer, plasterer - all the best workers are with us and may become a part of your construction workers' team.

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Our offer


If you browse this section, we are extremely happy, because it means that you have made a great decision. Congratulations on making the wise decision. What is more, we want to present you our latest offer, based on our up-to-date search. In our database you can find individual workers information, as well as whole construction teams which are available to contact immediately.

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