"Mutual meeting is Just a beginning. Maintaining contacts is a progress.
Mutual work is a real success"
-Henrys Ford

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Do you need experienced and educated subcontractors' team? So, you may be interested in the content below.

In this moment, question "Which branch of industry our company operates in?" is perfectly justified. But answer seem to be quite simple - we are the team of perfectionists and people devoted to their work and carrier, who are involved in construction and industry connected with it. Moreover, thanks to infinite searching area, we are perfectly oriented in labor markets condition all over the world. Let's just put it in this way - if there is a great construction worker that perfectly suits your needs - we will find and contract him for sure! The main level of our attention and focus is based on Central and East Europe labor markets, so we know exactly where to search for the best subcontractors possible. We can guarantee that they will fulfill your plan's main tasks caring even about the simplest details.

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About us

o nas

We are in possession of enormously huge database of Polish service companies, plumbers, electricians, engineers and bricklayers who will take care of your construction plans and Projects. We can also guarantee hiring engineer teams that will finish the whole construction. They are greatly educated and are able to introduce some necessary amendments, which will lead to superb safety and comfortable conditions in your building.

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Why we?

dlaczego my?

What makes us so special? That question is worth more than one hundred points, or better - one hundred reasons why. Firstly, our searching scope. We hire the best construction subcontractors possible, like plumber, bricklayer, electrician, roofer, plasterer - all the best workers are with us and may become a part of your construction workers' team.

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Our offer


If you browse this section, we are extremely happy, because it means that you have made a great decision. Congratulations on making the wise decision. What is more, we want to present you our latest offer, based on our up-to-date search. In our database you can find individual workers information, as well as whole construction teams which are available to contact immediately.

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